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I started RDI Construction Inc. in March of 2018. I have been a New York State DOT-Certified Welder for over 15 years. Welding and steel fabrication have always been my passion. I started my journey as a Welder for a pile driving company, where I was offered exciting work around cranes that I would eventually learn how to operate. Working for a pile driving company is what introduced me to the marine construction world where I began building docks and seawalls. When I started my own company, I knew I wanted to be around the water while doing what I love. I put together a crew and started building seawalls on Lake Ontario. During the high water crisis of 2019, my team and I completed several successful projects for Neighbors of Watertown and Pathstone. Working diligently with these two agencies, I was able to perfect my craft. Since then, the company has successfully constructed several docks, seawalls and boathouses on Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence River and surrounding areas. The business continues to grow, as I continue to expand RDI to accommodate larger projects and more locations across the State of New York.

Ryan Isabell

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